Vv's can be sent to a receipient either by email or text.



"Hello, You have received a Vv (VideoValidate) request from JANE DOE. Click here to reply: https://vv.cool/show/.23.  If you want more information on VideoValidate before responding click here: https://videovalidate.org.



RE: Someone is Interested in communicating-help us easily validate you

"Congratulations, You have received a request from JaneDoe to Video-Validate. This means that JaneDoe has an interest in you or a transaction you are considering and simply wants to authenticate you a bit more. Don’t worry there is no cost or privacy issues, nothing to download nor are you vulnerable to a virus or malware as we are Mcafee certified secure partner. 

Simply click on the “Reply” button below and you will be asked to create a brief video of yourself which when viewed self-deletes. No record is kept.  This video will be sent back to JaneDoe with your general location identified.  No location specifics are provided just your general city and state.  When you click "Reply" below your device will ask permission for you to turn on your video camera to make the video. Nothing is accessed on your device by us and there is no app to download or anything to signup for.  It's that easy.  

You will get as many tries as you like to get the video right before you reply. We think you shouldn't worry about production values or looking perfect. Just be your natural self if this is personal or include the thing you are selling, renting  etc., if its a transaction.  This is about providing a level of comfort to the sender that you are genuine.  And again, remember all information remains anonymous, nothing is stored and the video self-deletes permanently after one viewing. If you need additional clarification, feel free to visit and ask us any questions at ww.videovalidate.org