A  simple and free consumer mobile/web platform leveraging video and location services created to reduce online fraud and misrepresentation.

Our Purpose: "Be who you say you are"

The purpose of iVideo-Validate™ (“Vv”) is to enhance individual security by providing a way to make a simple request of someone you are interacting with online to provide additional authentication using a self-deleting video which also incorporates location data thereby helping to eliminate misrepresentation, fraud and “catfishing”.  A product of BCAST Labs , Vv is a free to use SaaS/cloud web/mobile service to be used with e-commerce and "personals" sites/apps or in any situation where you require an extra layer of validation prior to an in-person meeting or financial transaction. It takes less than 30 senconds to initiate a Vv request - give it a try  here.   It's free with no download  required.

We have people using Vv to verifiy interactions on dating sites, AirBNB's, Craigslist, employment verification,  etc-anywhere you are dealing wth people you've never met.  We have also seen some novel uses by parents with thier children and businesses keeping track of employees.  In addition, although we think of Vv as a serious, valuable business and personal tool, we have seen many recreational uses ("send me a video now") which we are perfectly fine with. 

And also introducing  "Video-Recruiter" with all the same functionality of Vv but designed for recruiters and HR professionals with login, video storage and extended videos to help with  the front end vetting of job applicants.  See it here: www.recruiter.video.


VideoValidate helping to stop catfishing -in the news: