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About US -

A  simple and free consumer mobile/web platform leveraging video and location services

created to reduce online fraud and misrepresentation.

Our Purpose: "Be who you say you are"

The purpose of Video-Validate™ (“Vv”) is to enhance individual security by providing a way to make a simple request of someone you are interacting with online to provide additional authentication using a self-deleting video which also incorporates location data thereby helping to eliminate misrepresentation, fraud and “catfishing”.  A product of BCAST Labs , Vv is a SaaS/cloud web/mobile service to be used with e-commerce and "personals" sites/apps or in any situation where you require an extra layer of validation prior to an in-person meeting or financial transaction. Give it a try  here: https://vv.cool. Its free with no download or registration required.

And also introducing  "Vv-Recruit" with all the same functionality of Vv but designed for recruiters and HR professionals with login, video storage and extended videos to help with  the front end vetting of job applicants.  See it here: http://vvrecruit.com

Video Validate, llc. - A BCAST Labs Company


VideoValidate helping to stop catfishing -in the news: 

How It Works -


An example as follows:

On a dating site, a member encounters someone in whom they are interested but wants to take one more step to ensure this individual is properly representing himself or herself.  The member can send a “Video Validation” request to the individual by clicking on the Vv icon on that individuals dating site profile page (when available) or send a request directly through the Vv website. The Vv will arrive in the form of an email or text message.  All information is anonymous. The Vv email contains instructions and a call to action "reply" button for creating a “introduce yourself”  video that is date/time stamped and returned back to the requesting party through an anonymous email. The Vv platform recognizes and accesses the camera on laptops/devices once the "reply" button is clicked. 

There is no app to download or settings to adjust. When the individual requesting the Vv views/plays the video it then self-deletes within two hours. There is no file/video stored.    Further, The Vv platform will identify the individual’s general city and state location. However,  NOT identify the exact location.    The purpose here not being to provide location but to reveal a grossly misrepresented location.  Location is generated by long/lat of the mobile device or IP address if the web.

The video is created by clicking on links embedded within the email that bring them to a video validate page which directly activates the camera on the device (after granted permission) from within the email. No application download is needed.  The individual preparing the video will have the ability to take as many videos as necessary before replying with the one they want (many takes until they hit approve and send).  The requesting party gets an email with the location data and Vv video link which-upon viewing-is deleted.

Upon receiving a request, a member has 24 hours to respond or the request is considered rejected from which the requesting party can draw their own conclusions. Again, after viewing the video it self delets and no record is kep

There is no cost or need to join or register to use Vv.  The intent is to create a web service that becomes a brand for validating online interactions with strangers and is adopted (free of charge) on a large scale by participating sites (i.e., Match, eHarmony, Tinder, Craigslist, etc) 100% positive focus group feedback wth most repeated comment: "I would use it everyday online and what took so long for someone to come up with this"

Example Email -


Someone is Interested in communicating-help us easily validate you

"Congratulations, You have received a request from JaneDoe to Video-Validate. This means that JaneDoe has an interest in you or a transaction you are considering and simply wants to authenticate you a bit more. Don’t worry there is no cost or privacy issues.

Simply click on the “Reply” button below and you will be asked to create a brief video of yourself which when viewed self-deletes. No record is kept.  This video will be sent back to JaneDoe with your general location identified.  No location specifics are provided just that you are within “ X” number of miles away and the closest we will identify anyone is within 20 miles.  When you click below we will ask permission to access the camera on your device there is no app to download.  It's that easy.  

You will get as many tries as you like to get the video right before you reply. We think you shouldn't worry about production values or looking perfect. Just be your natural self if this is personal or include an item you are selling if applicable.  This is about providing a level of comfort to the sender that you are genuine.  And again, remember all information remains anonymous, nothing is stored and the video self-deletes permanently after one viewing. If you need additional clarification, feel free to visit our help section and ask us any questions at ww.videovalidate.org"


For questions and other inquiries, just leave a message.